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Naviera, barcos, contenedores, mar
Naviera, barcos, contenedores, mar

Get to know us better!

SeacatLine is a young company that is part of the well renonwed SEATRADE group; a brand recognized worldwide for its vast experience moving specialized products around the world.

SeacatLine relaunched its operations in the region in 2018 with the objective of regularly serving and connecting Limón and Moín in Costa Rica with Central Florida, using Tampa Bay as its port of entry into the United States.

Our new ship, the Juice Express, is a versatile, specialized, environment friendly and state-of-the-art vessel. 


The Juice Express has been designed to:

- Transport fresh and concentrated orange and pineapple juice using high-tech equipment.

- Efficiently move refrigerated containers.

- Lift heavy cargo using its own high capacity crane.

- Through its efficient draft, the Juice Express is capable to dock in ports in which other type of vessels cannot operate.

To supplement our regular service between Costa Rica and Tampa, and given the versatility of our vessel and flexibility of our schedule; when a business case justifies it, SeacatLine is open to operate on a spot basis in other ports of the region (nearby The Gulf of Mexico, Central America and some Caribbean Islands).

The Origin of SeacatLine.

SeacatLine is a common operator service duly registered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). Its roots date back to the mid-1990s. The name SEACAT was used as a trademark to identify the commercial cargo service that in 1997 was the largest container service in the Port of Tampa.


Much has changed in the last 20 years and the new  SeacatLine offers customers a unique combination of refrigerated and dry container handling, large tonnage project loads and specialized services in an emerging region with great potential.

Our team.

We are represented in Costa Rica by Seatrade Costa Rica S.A. and in the United States by North American General Agents (NAGA).

Our Line Management is based between San José, Costa Rica and Willemstad, Curaçao

SEACAT is represented by agents of great experience in the region; our agents in The United States and Costa Rica are SeacatLine’s sister companies, forming also part of the Seatrade Group.

North American General Agent (NAGA).

Since its inception in 1998, North American General Agents, Inc. (NAGA Logistics or also known as Seatrade USA) has represented the service between Costa Rica and Tampa.


In the last 20 years, the company has provided its customer base with a unique combination of knowledge and experience in cargo operations and planning, logistics management, port agency, cost control, commercial representation and line management.

Its logistics and cargo operations department is ready to provide a full range of services, including inland transportation, ship planning and port captaincy.

In 2015, NAGA Logistics received a license from the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to operate as NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). In 2018, NAGA Logistics received authorization from the FMC to operate as a cargo "Forwarder".

Seatrade Costa Rica:

Seatrade Costa Rica S.A. is a young company and at the same time embraces a long history.

Seatrade´s origins date back to 1951 when Scheepvaartkantoor Groningen in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands, commenced to operate. Seatrade Reefer Chartering´s activities in Costa Rica started way back in 1997 operating its first direct liner service linking Costa Rica with Europe.

Over the years Seatrade´s liner services have operated under different names and with different agencies in Costa Rica. As of 2007 Seatrade´s regional activities expanded considerably. Effective October 1st 2010 Seatrade Costa Rica SA became officially the agent for the liner activities of Seatrade in Costa Rica.

Seatrade Costa Rica SA is operating with a young and energetic team out of its offices in Escazú, acting as agents for the Seatrade Group of companies in Central America.

Our agent in Costa Rica is a logistics company dedicated to the management and coordination of export cargo for the shipping lines of Seatrade Group N.V. and Streamlines N.V.  The team in Costa Rica is actively involved in sales activities, container equipment control, and cargo documentation-related shipping activities

Seatrade Costa Rica is a full member of the national agency association ‘NAVE’ as well as the Costa Rican chamber of exporters ‘Cadexco’.

Corporate Responsability

SeacatLine and its agents constantly pursue and are governed by the highest standards of quality, safety and protection of the environment. Our operations are regulated by the quality code 360 ​​and we also comply with the standards established by BASC and C-TPAT.

Our colleagues in all locations strive to safeguard the safety, health and working conditions of our staff through training, risk assessment and security & safety meetings.

Our group actively contributes to social initiatives in local communities. We invest in local business and support charity and projects for the less fortunate.

Our conditions

Naviera, barcos, contenedores, mar

Conditions of Carriage for bills of lading

Naviera, barcos, contenedores, mar

Conditions of Carriage for sea waybills

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