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SeacatLine is C-TPAT Certified.

Since the events of 9/11, the U.S. Government has enhanced inspections of imported goods to protect the U.S. borders against smuggling of illegitimate cargo and/or people. These inspections might delay the final delivery of cargo to our U.S. customers.

To avoid these delays SeacatLine has adopted the agreement and has become C-TPAT certified (Customs and Trafficking Agreement Against Terrorism).

In accordance with the basic principles of C-TPAT, all trading partners of SeacatLine must comply with specific security procedures along their supply chains. SeacatLine as a provider of maritime transportation services is responsible to make sure the due diligence process is properly executed while the cargo is under its custody.

Some evident benefits for our customers from participating in the C-TPAT agreement are:

          1. Less cargo inspections in U.S. discharge ports.

          2. Better planning of the discharge operations.

          3. Quicker turnaround times in ports.

          4. More reliable vessel schedules.

          5. C-TPAT certified members are recognised as reliable business partners in the portal of                U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The C-TPAT account number is 4935172.

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