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Information related inlands in Costa Rica

1-7-2024 Please note important information related inland trucking in Cos Rica

Important information wk 26/27 - 2024

Please note important information

Service expansion Tampa-Moin-Tampa, 2024

9-1-2024 Our pleasure to announce expansion of our weekly service connecting  FLORIDA,USA-COSTA RICA-FLORIDA,USA, becomming in a new owned and direct service

Bunker adjustment october, 2023

05-12-2023 Dear customers, please find attach information related bunker adjustment. Apply from January 05th, 2024

THC general increases 

15-8-2023 Dear customers, please find attach information related THC Services increases in Moin. Apply from September 15th, 2023 

Seatrade Costa Rica notices

26.2.2021 New office at Limon, Costa Rica. For more details please read attachments

Value Added tax, Costa Rica

27.6.2019 Important information related  to law 9635. Apply from 1.7.2019

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